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Toy Market Analysis
Mar 27, 2017

With the improvement of people's consumption level, animal toys have become a must of adolescent consumer toys. Animals on the market are also filled with the eyes of consumers, like some highly simulated toys by many young people's favorite, and like the ocean plush toys and some terrestrial animal shape bear by many girls love. First, the market product testing is not in place, the quality of many products are not tested directly on the market;

Second, in the contemporary market is more common animal toys are like bears, Mickey Mouse and so we usually more familiar with the animal shape, like marine life for the shape of animal toys or less. Production in this area of the toy business is not much, the point of their own characteristics, cool snore the world is mainly cute Q version of the main, beautiful and lovely shape, loved by the vast number of consumers; Hai Paradise Paradise with its high degree of simulation also attracted Many consumers, but poor quality, low security. So for everyone's own interests, it is recommended that you buy genuine toys.

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