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Toy Maintenance
Mar 27, 2017

1, to keep the indoor cleaning to minimize dust, diligent clean, dry, soft tools to clean the toy surface.

2, to avoid long-term exposure to sunlight, and keep the inside and outside the toy dry.

3, cleaning can be taken according to the size of the necessary measures, a small tape can be used to wear parts of the wear, directly into the washing machine soft wash, dry, hanging cool place dry, and intermittently tap the toy, make it Fur, stuffing fluffy soft; large toys can be found filling the seam, cut the suture, remove the filling special (eye Lun cotton) special parts can not take (better to maintain the appearance) with a tape to wear parts On the outer skin to clean and dry, and then put the filler into the toy skin, plastic, suture.

4, with a high intelligence electronics, machine core, sound of the hair / cloth or dolls, before cleaning must be electronic components (some do not waterproof) or remove the battery on the water damage.

5, clean the toy dry, with a clean comb or similar tools along the direction of fur grooming neatly, so that the fur smooth and beautiful.

6, look at the plush toys of the internal organs are clean and hygienic, unqualified toy stuffing, there are abandoned plastic, fiber rope, scraps of paper, and even the state banned black heart cotton.

7, twist the plush toy eyes, nose, mouth, to see if the strong, if the toy on the small parts, pull does not meet the national standards, it belongs to substandard products.

8, in order to good health, should be regularly on the plush toys for consumption, cleaning treatment.

9, easy to sterilization, disinfection methods, the available power of the steam iron in the villi gently reciprocating iron, there is a certain bactericidal decontamination effect.

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