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Plush Toy Fabric Cut
Mar 27, 2017

Plush toys cut the toy is the first after the stereotypes.

After the customization of the fabric is completed, is the manufacture of mold, according to the various parts of the toy to draw the corresponding mold, and then fire out of the various parts of the material.

The above is said that we used the fire cut method, it's fast but need to consume people's strength, people's physical strength is limited ah. Now our new way of re-delivery is to use laser cutting machine to cut out the corresponding parts of the film, it is relative to the fire cut, the speed is slow, but it is to save, cut out the film is also very consistent, To the next to the sewing process to bring a lot of convenience.

The machine does not need to cut the human consumption, only need to consume a few words. Save the material on the mold, there is no damage as long as the row of the version is saved, it can be transferred out at any time to use. The cutting of the machine needs to be now on the computer and then according to the width of the material to delete or add other small parts. After the machine is passed into the machine will be in accordance with your graphics to cut the fabric.

To sum up, the use of toys or the use of the machine is the future trend, it will save businesses a lot of cost, but also allow consumers to appreciate its cheap and affordable.

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