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Plush Toy Embroidery
Mar 27, 2017

Plush toys production, embroidery is a very critical step, good embroidery directly affect the appearance of toys and shape, so good embroidery is the life of toys.

Plush toys, the choice of fabric is very important, followed by its expression and shape is more important.

In the expression of the role of the decision is the embroidery, ah, toys, good embroidery expression is very good, give the United States to enjoy, so you put it down ah, if the poor quality of the embroidery expression will give a vague shape difficult to please Recognize the heart, it is difficult to recognize this toy. So choose a good embroidery manufacturers is also very important ah.

Plush toys cut by the previous artificial live slowly into the machine cut, ah, the machine is cutting the fabric with a laser cutting machine, after typing by the machine into the machine to work, relative to the fire cut speed Indeed a lot of slow, but it can save fabric, reduce costs ah. In short, the fire cut and the sanctions have their own strengths, the key to see how they choose ah.

Plush toys, cutting and embroidery these two processes is very important ah.

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