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Plush Animal Toys To Accompany The Baby To Grow
Jun 02, 2017

We give the baby to choose the toy, you can consider the Plush Animal Toys Oh, you can try to let the Plush Animal Toys to accompany the baby to grow.

1, when the baby 6 months: no matter what kind of material made of plush toys, babies like to touch, mouth taste them.

2, when the baby 12 months: let the Plush Animal Toys to accompany the baby to grow, no matter where, the baby likes to bring his special good friend, from time to time to give hug. At this age, some babies are very dependent on his plush toys, or even go to bed with them.

3, when the baby 18 months: the face and animal plush toys, the baby want to talk with them, so they imitate a variety of animal sounds "quack", "hum" "bark." In any case, it means that he wants to learn more about friends, then you might give him some simple picture books related to animals.

4, when the baby 2 years old: let the Plush Animal Toys to accompany the baby to grow, these fast into the kindergarten baby, all day busy with some simple posing game, of course, with his plush toy friends, such as with a dog Didier Go for a walk, give the Cubs Teddy feed, in short, the baby is enjoying themselves.

5, when the baby 3 years old: how to stimulate children's creativity? On these plush toys, the baby began to show his unique creativity and fantasy, such as the bear Teddy about it becomes a dinosaur, little ducks Guqi long a pair of great wings, flew to the moon. Cute story, sit down and listen patiently to him, and ask him at the right time, "why is it that way?

Tip: In the bear Teddy and it is similar to the plush toy body, may be covered with small dust or other substances prone to allergies. In order to avoid the baby respiratory or skin allergies, it is necessary to give them a bath regularly.

So that plush animal toys to accompany the baby to grow, many mothers worry about the child too much dependence on plush toys, in fact, this worry is not necessary, because most of the baby to 3 years old, they lost interest in plush toys, they prefer those activities Toys, rather than just sitting in that motionless plush toys.

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