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Plush Animal Toys Quality Inspection Is Important
Jul 06, 2017

Plush Animal Toysremind you of regular cleaning Disinfection plush Plush Animal Toysare necessary

Plush Plush Animal Toysmodeling diverse, feel comfortable, is the children's love. Mickey Mouse, Pleasant Goat, hellokitty, countless. They accompany their children to sleep, is a child's little partner. However, even the purchase of regular plush toy supplier products, no bad smell, no black heart cotton, a long time will also possession of a lot of dust mites, bacteria. Clinical often encounter Plush Animal Toysto spread the bacteria, so that children get sick. The most common is the bacteria on the toy lead to children diarrhea, lung infection. There are some plush Plush Animal Toysfilled with formaldehyde and other harmful substances, easy to make children cry, from erythema, induced skin disease.

So regular cleaning and disinfection is very necessary. Large plush Plush Animal Toysare difficult to clean, plush toy suppliers here there is a coup. First in the basin into the water and detergent, stir out the rich foam, and then take the soft brush stained with foam, plush Plush Animal Toyson the surface carefully brush clean. Brush when the brush do not dip too much water. Brush dry the surface, into the water filled with water basin in the wash, the internal dust and washing liquid clean. Will clean the plush Plush Animal Toyswith a bath towel wrapped, into the washing machine for dehydration, then put the sun under the sun. Let the UV to the mites, bacteria to kill, as well as the sun's fragrance. After doing a few times to beat, restore fluffy, you can feel at ease to let the baby and plush Plush Animal Toysclose. Although this life is tired, but can not do it. Do the mother is so, can not be lazy, baby's living environment can be safe, the child will be more healthy.

What are the commonly used fabrics for plush toys? Toy Xiaobian tell you.

(A) shearing cloth (Velboa): a lot of style, see Fu Guang company color card is very thin, very popular in recent years to do bean bags, the United States and Europe popular TYbeanies most of this material is done, we produce wrinkles Wrinkled bear also belong to this category.

Check the quality to note: the matte softness, the general hair down the quality is bad, but the printed shears will be a little down, not serious should be acceptable.

General plush (including plush cloth, cut cloth hair), if the weight is low, the hair is very easy to fall down, quality inspection should pay attention. Cut hair cloth long hair is not easy, hair short, fabric appears to be thin, so it should be carefully checked, the general hair should be 2.5-3.5mm, normal is 3.00mm, curly hair cut cloth can reach 5-10mm, relative weight High, signed the contract to indicate the long hair requirements, usually 3mm weight in the 450g / Y-480g / Y, special to specify. Another cut wool also hairy.

(2) plush cloth:

A, A yarn (also known as ordinary yarn, BOA material), divided into:

There are light yarn: ordinary are generally shiny, in the light under the hair can be different from the yin and yang face.

No light yarn: that is, matte, basically no yin and yang face.

B, V yarn (also known as special yarn, T-590, Vonnel) with flat cut cloth (EvenCut) and long hair (Unevencut), hair length in the range of 4-20mm, are mid-range material.

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