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Identification Of Plush Toys
Mar 27, 2017

The first is to see whether the appearance of fine workmanship, modeling is beautiful. Large manufacturers will be more in the toy design efforts, constantly updated to fight for the best shape, and a small workshop it will only imitate the shape of others, just care about the number does not require quality. The same size of a product in the same size of the product it is a lot of difference, you carefully look at them will find that the more beautiful the more expensive, the key is its material and workmanship design should spend some energy ah.

 The second look to feel how, and the choice of materials have an absolute relationship. Super soft fabric texture compact, cashmere more dense, feel comfortable. Cheap short hair fabric, feel is not good, velvet sparse.

Third look inside the stuffing, good plush toys which are white PP cotton, it's flexible, flattened after the original can be restored. Poor with black heart cotton, or a small amount of PP cotton.

Fourth look at the price, the price of your point of quality is cheaper than the cheaper, buy things do not buy expensive but can not afford to buy quality for the sake of cheap ah.

Fifth to see the brand and business, the general quality of the brand product quality assurance.

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