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Holiday Plush Toys To Regularly Disinfect The Toy To Clean
Aug 16, 2017

Data shows that children under the age of 6 nearly half of the time, that is, about 15,000 hours and Holiday Plush Toys are spent together can be said that the child is the child's closest partner. Pro-pro, hold a hold is not enough, and sometimes have to chew a bite, or simply into the dream, which may be easy to be bacteria, the virus drilled loopholes. Remind you that you can not attach importance to the baby's health problems, do not let the Holiday Plush Toys become a child's healthy invisible killer. Holiday Plush Toys become a hotbed of the virus According to a scientist's determination: the newly disinfected Holiday Plush Toys to the children to play, a day later, all kinds of Holiday Plush Toys above the bacterial colonies up to 200-2000 range; 10 days later, plastic Holiday Plush Toys on the number of bacterial colonies Up to 3163, wooden Holiday Plush Toys up to 4934, while the fur produced Holiday Plush Toys as much as 21,500. Visible Holiday Plush Toys are extremely easy to be a variety of bacteria pollution, the longer the time, the more bacteria.

In another study, the experts studied the transmission of bacteria on Holiday Plush Toys. Tests, 70% of the Holiday Plush Toys can be detected on the fragments of cold bacteria, E. coli, hepatitis B virus and other pathogenic microorganisms, the degree of pollution than clothing, bedding and tableware and more serious. And the virus more from the virus and other venues from the hospital and other places: 20% of the bacteria exist in the patient waiting room, 17% exist in the general waiting room, and as a child kicked after the needle reward a bag of Holiday Plush Toys, found that 30% The presence of germs. Holiday Plush Toys in the absence of attention to become a virus to convey the minions.

Do not let the Holiday Plush Toys become infectious disease of the second setter "With the climate gradually pick up, a variety of children with contaminated diseases take the opportunity to stir, such as pertussis, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, influenza, etc., through Holiday Plush Toys, utensils, Such as exposure to spread, and this also to the widespread transmission of the disease invented the appropriate conditions.For example, influenza may also be through the droplets "hidden" children's public Holiday Plush Toys, if children like mouth Holiday Plush Toys, or in the process of playing and Play after sucking your fingers, or do not wash your hands after eating things to eat, it may unknowingly these viruses "send" into the body, causing influenza or respiratory diseases.

Experts warned the majority of parents, children should not be too much between the exchange of Holiday Plush Toys, because the toy bacteria attached to the toy sometimes can exist for a long time, use a professional disinfectant or high temperature sterilization can kill. In addition, the parents must educate the child not to throw the toy casually, do not put the toy in his mouth, playing to wash hands. The mouth of the best Holiday Plush Toys to play alone to prevent contamination of cross-infection. Holiday Plush Toys disinfection essential, but also to be careful chemical disinfectant damage baby Therefore, parents should pay attention to the health of Holiday Plush Toys, regular cleaning and disinfection of Holiday Plush Toys. Disinfection is the best way to prevent the virus to convey, and the general chemical disinfectant because of the inevitable comfort and corrosive, therefore, the preparation of chemical disinfectant, not only to avoid let the baby contact disinfectant, but also master concentration. Such as peracetic acid and other disinfection products on the eye damage and its concentration. Usually with 0.2% peracetic acid spray disinfection, the eyes have a certain stimulus, can feel eye acid, tears and mild eye discomfort, can be eliminated from the contact after the general will not cause eye damage. If the concentration is too high, such as 15-20% peracetic acid solution, the skin and eyes have a strong stimulus. Use chemical disinfectant should also be noted that, such as peracetic acid and other disinfectant ingredients are corrosive, can not be directly with the skin, clothing and other contact; to the baby after the sterilization of Holiday Plush Toys, must use water to clean the chemical disinfectant to prevent the remaining Disinfectant to stimulate the baby's eyes, skin, but also to prevent the baby in the bite of the toy swallowed the residual chemical agents, affecting the baby health.

Colorless, tasteless, no stimulation of Yuan Kang disinfectant more safe and effective general chemical disinfectant on the baby have varying degrees of comfort and injury, and the different texture of the toy should also use different methods of disinfection, such as electronic Holiday Plush Toys can not be directly soaked disinfection , Completely remove the chemical residue is also a very cumbersome process. To solve these problems, Yuan Kang launched a special appearance of disinfection of infant Holiday Plush Toys, direct spray can effectively kill bacteria disinfectant, so that Holiday Plush Toys become more and more simple and easy to disinfect: whether it is not easy to wash plush Holiday Plush Toys or Metal Holiday Plush Toys, plastic Holiday Plush Toys or wooden Holiday Plush Toys every day can use Yuan Kang baby Holiday Plush Toys dedicated disinfectant on the surface of the spray disinfection, can be wet, naturally dry. Yuan Kang surface disinfectant (for infants and young children Holiday Plush Toys) colorless, tasteless, no stimulation, PH was neutral, without any chlorine, benzene, phenol, heavy metals and other harmful substances, will not corrode the toy surface, Immature skin, but also put an end to the cross-transmission of infectious diseases, disinfection, the appearance of the toy is also a layer of antibacterial protective film, long-term inhibition of the breeding of bacteria.

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