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Holiday Plush Toys To Be Safe And Tasteless
Jun 15, 2017

With the economic development, Holiday Plush Toys varieties continue to increase, all kinds of Holiday Plush Toyss market is also increasingly active. It is not difficult to find that some unscrupulous traders have benefited from illicit means such as making children's Holiday Plush Toyss by counterfeiting other people's trademarks, seriously disrupting the normal market order, adversely affecting the healthy growth of children and hope that the industrial and commercial departments will take Measures to strengthen the supervision of the toy market.

First, to determine whether the qualified raw materials. Including the main raw materials, fillers, paint, paint, glue and other national safety standards. The general judgment basis can be carried out by sensory comfort. Such as the color of the toy, feel, smell, cleanliness and other factors.

Second, check the wood, plastic and metal toys on the surface is smooth, whether it is easy for children to crush, break, remember to pay attention to the edge of the toy, with or without sharp, sharp corners, with or without burr, gap, Holiday Plush Toyss eye nose Small parts should also be checked.

Third, Holiday Plush Toyss are not easy to hair removal, to avoid leading to respiratory and skin health, severe cases may cause asthma.

Fourth, if the toy is attached to the small parts, be sure to check whether the sticky solid, so as to avoid the child eating, or stepped on the fall and other accidents.

5, if accompanied by a clockwork, gear, etc., should be confirmed that it is not easy to be removed by the child of the occlusion device, so as not to pinch the baby's hand.

6, if the battery, check the battery cover is securely fixed, the screw is solid.

Seven, if it is a sound toy, test the sound is too loud to prevent the formation of noise, to avoid damage caused by hearing.

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