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Holiday Plush Toys Strong Decorative, High Security
Oct 12, 2017

Holiday Plush Toys, also known as filling toys, refers to a variety of PP cotton, plush, short plush and other raw materials for tailoring, sewing, decoration, filling, plastic, packaging and other steps made of toys.

Holiday Plush Toys with modeling realistic and lovely, soft touch, not afraid of extrusion, easy to clean, decorative and strong, high security, applicable to a wide range of people and so on. So Holiday Plush Toys for children's toys, decorative houses and gifts as a gift is a good choice

Holiday Plush Toys according to whether there are fillers and surface materials can be divided into: filled with toys and non-filled toys; velvet filled toys, plush stuffed toys, T / C cloth filled toys, pull plush stuffed toys.

Holiday Plush Toys and the use of materials and smooth production:

Holiday Plush Toys are mainly used for:

Plush, T / C cloth, knitted fabrics, acrylic cotton, artificial leather, non-woven fabrics, nano-particles, chemical fiber fleece (pull plush, velvet), plush parts and so on.

Plush toy production process:

Holiday Plush Toys production process is basically: tailoring, sewing, decoration, filling, integer, packaging.

1, clear age, for the baby, Holiday Plush Toys first consider the practicality and safety.

2, look at the quality of cloth

Holiday Plush Toys cloth first clean, followed by quality. Cloth with high and low stalls, the length of plush, velvet, pull plush TIC cloth, which is to determine a toy price is an important factor, some sellers shoddy, to deceive consumers.

3, Holiday Plush Toys filled

Good filling cotton are all PP cotton, like the supermarket in the nine hole pillow core of the same material, feel very good. Poor filling cotton are black heart cotton, feel bad, endanger baby health.

4, whether the accessories are stable

Accessories are not stable or too small, easy to play in the baby when the wrong mouth, dangerous. In addition, also depends on the same color or the same position with the raw material wool is consistent, otherwise there will be different colors of the sun, hair to the contrary, affecting the appearance.

5, observe the appearance is beautiful

In addition to whether the pattern is beautiful, but also depends on whether the symmetry of the left and right position of the toy, hand backlog is soft and fluffy, all parts of the stitching is solid, whether the toy accessories scratches, incomplete.

6, to see if there are trademarks, brands, safety signs, manufacturers address, etc., binding is solid.

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