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Holiday Plush Toys Strong Decorative, High Security
Jul 06, 2017

Holiday Plush Toys with modeling realistic and lovely, soft touch, not afraid of extrusion, easy to clean, decorative and strong, high security, applicable to a wide range of people and so on. So Holiday Plush Toys for children's toys, decorative houses and gifts as a gift is a good choice.

The same time as the above-In view of Europe and the United States and other countries on the safety requirements of toys and foreign consumers due to security issues to the domestic toy manufacturers claims frequently occur. The safety of the toy must be of great importance to the person concerned.

The same time as the above-A, hand needles, must be placed in a fixed soft package, can not be directly inserted in the toy, so that people leave the needle pull out;

The same time as the above-B, broken needle must find another needle, and then the two needle will be reported to the workshop team leader, in exchange for a new needle, can not find broken needle toys must be looking for probe;

The same time as the above-C, each hand can only send a work with a needle. All steel tools should be placed in a unified manner, not free to put;

The same time as the above-D, the correct use of brushed steel brush, bristles finished, you should touch the brush by hand.

The same time as the above2, toys, including the eyes, nose, buttons, ribbons, bow tie, etc., may be children (consumers) torn off the water, dangerous, it must be all the accessories set to tighten, and meet the rally requirements.

The same time as the above-A, eyes, nose must bear 21LBS pull;

The same time as the above-B, ribbons, flowers, buttons must bear 4LBS pull;

The same time as the above-C, post quality inspectors must always test the above parts of the pull, and sometimes found the problem, and with the engineers and workshops to solve;

The same time as the above-3, all packaging toys with plastic bags, must be printed on the warning language, and in the bottom of the hole, so as not to set the risk of children in the head.

The same time as the above-4, all filamentous, mesh must have a warning, age logo.

The same time as the above-5, toys all fabrics, accessories can not have toxic chemical substances exist, so as to avoid the child tongue licking risk;

The same time as the above-6, the box can not have scissors, drill bits and other metal items left.

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