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Holiday Plush Toys No Sharp Edges, No Burrs
Jul 17, 2017

Holiday Plush Toys have been loved by many people, whether children or adults Holiday Plush Toys have been very popular, if we give the baby to play our toys should pay attention to what issues? Let's take a look at it.

1. General to choose to buy a large shopping malls, toys should have instructions, the use of the instructions are generally linked to the form of the label set in the toy, the use of the description should contain at least the product name, factory name, site, telephone , The main material or composition, the implementation of standard code, applicable age range, safety warning and so on.

2. look feel, toys, internal filling should be sufficient, soft, flexible, with or without smell.

3. see patchwork. The patchwork on the toy should be firm and the filling material should not be exposed from the patchwork.

4. Look at hard components. Toys on the small parts such as eyes, nose, mouth, bells and other ornaments should be strong, solid, no sharp edges, no burrs, playing in the process of children is not easy to fall off, will not hurt the baby.

The above is the introduction of the purchase of toys when how to go check, we must buy the quality of qualified products, our company specializes in producing all kinds of Holiday Plush Toys, welcome customers to consult the purchase, we are guaranteed quality, reasonable price, has been deep By the majority of consumers like.

Toy wholesale is not due to the number of reasons, because the toy product updates too fast, in addition, the sample toys to show customers a period of time there will be small flaws, there is a toy foreign trade companies will regularly replace the sample, Many, but also manufacturers free of charge, so regardless of the old are replaced with the old, to maintain the product style updates and packaging updates, the general trade every month will replace the two samples. This product because there are small flaws can not be positioned as a new toy, can only deal with when the inventory, but too many varieties of each few, if one by one the price estimate is also a trouble, all toys are all press Kg sold, so that the industry was born.

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