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Holiday Plush Toys Is Conducive To The Development Of Children's Intelligence
Jul 06, 2017

Holiday Plush Toysare essential partners in the growth of children. But do you know the correct way to clean the toy? Let me teach you some tips below.

First, children's Holiday Plush ToysCleaning method:

1, fur, cotton production of toys, can be placed in the sun exposure for a few hours.

2, wooden toys, can be boiled soapy water to wash.

3, metal production of toys, you can first use soapy water scrub, and then placed in the sun exposure.

4, plastic and rubber toys, can be wiped with a mild detergent, and then rinse with water, cool place to dry, must not be exposed in the sun. To avoid aging toys.

5, plush Holiday Plush Toyscleaning method:

Method 1: first in the basin into the water and silk hair detergent, with a general soft brush or other tools to stir the pot of water to stir up the rich foam, and then with a soft brush stained with foam plush Holiday Plush Toyssurface brush Clean, be sure to pay attention to the brush do not dip too much moisture. Brush clean plush toy surface with a bath towel to plush Holiday Plush Toyswrapped up, into the water filled with water basin in the wash, so you can plush Holiday Plush Toyswithin the dust and washing liquid clean. And then put the plush Holiday Plush Toysinto the basin with a softener soak for a few minutes, and then in the water filled with water basin wash a number of times, until the basin of water from the turbidity becomes clear. Will clean the plush Holiday Plush Toysstill wrapped with a bath towel, into the washing machine in the soft dehydration, dehydration after the plush Holiday Plush Toysafter shaping and combing after the ventilation in the dry. So that you can let the baby at home with the beloved plush Holiday Plush Toysclose.

Method 2: first prepare a bag of coarse salt (large or industrial salt), a plastic bag, the dirty plush Holiday Plush Toysinto the plastic bag, put the right amount of coarse salt, and then the mouth to live, hard shake. A few minutes later, the toy is clean, and the salt in the bag has become dark. Remember: do not wash is suck Oh! The This method is suitable for different length of plush toys, but also salt down in the dirty place hard rub, cleaning effect is very good.

What kind of plush Holiday Plush Toysare conducive to children's intellectual development

This building blocks break through the traditional building blocks design, is a puzzle kinetic energy of the building blocks, gear wedge way regardless of electric, manual can drive each other, any assembly of thousands of shapes, training children hand, eyes, brain organic coordination, To stimulate unlimited imagination, while training logical thinking ability, allows your baby at any time to lead the ever-changing combination of expectations, timeless. Is always fresh, fun puzzle toys!

Small parts color is very bright, there are bears, little monkeys in the park playing Ferris wheel, rocker, swing, is simply an amusement park! Very attracted to the attention of the baby Oh! The baby can freely play their own imagination spell a variety of shapes, as long as a 5 battery into a small motor with a small piece of wood, the baby will be surprised to find that he spell out something turned out to be alive! It is amazing, I believe you must not miss!

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