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Holiday Plush Toys Adults And Then Purchase The Time To Pay Attention To The Safe Use Of The Deadline
Oct 27, 2017

With the economic development, plush toy varieties continue to increase, all kinds of Holiday Plush Toysmarket is also increasingly active. It is not difficult to find that some unscrupulous traders have benefited from illicit means such as making children's Holiday Plush Toysby counterfeiting other people's trademarks, seriously disrupting the normal market order, adversely affecting the healthy growth of children and hope that the industrial and commercial departments will take Measures to strengthen the supervision of the toy market.

When you buy plush toys, you may find that some of the children's Holiday Plush Toyson the market label is not the factory name, site, contact and other basic information, or some speculative businessman on the packaging is not Use the Chinese logo, but the use of English, Japanese or other foreign language, so that the average consumer will not carefully identify the producers, manufacturers and contact information, so as to achieve shoddy, real effect. There are other cases, that is, some Holiday Plush Toysin the material there is excessive use of heavy metals, the use of harmful, toxic and other filling substances, if people long-term exposure, is likely to headache, vomiting, memory loss and other adverse symptoms, On cancer.

Although some regular businesses operating children's Holiday Plush Toyson the product label on the logo of the product name, origin, contact and other basic information, but most toys are not on the toy product model, specifications, use notes, children's age, safe use , Filler composition and content and other information to carry out a detailed logo.

Some operators use the brand effect, to seize the blind pursuit of the brand's psychological consumers, through unlawful means of unknown toy products as some authorized sales brand or agent sales brand for high-priced sale, which constitutes a violation of the exclusive right of registered trademarks of others illegal behavior.

In the beginning of the sale of toy products, the vast majority of retailers are often verbal commitment to life-long free maintenance, quality problems Baotuibaohuan and other services, but really how much this can be done, if a consumer dispute, the retailer Usually are sold products are not refundable, the impact of secondary sales and other reasons as an excuse to shirk the responsibility to reject the consumer's legitimate and reasonable requirements.

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