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Customized Plush Toys What Do You Like To Do Custom
Jun 02, 2017

Customized Plush Toys As the demand side, that is, business, I want is a new plush product, but I can not tell the specific image, but I have a design outline and design indicators, how can I do?

Most businesses may just know that I have this idea to show her with the actual product: the need to design, re-proofing, and then mass production, whether there are other links in the concept of rough to know some design and proofing are different, but for Some specific operations,Customized Plush Toys such as the completion of these links need some people to complete is not very clear.

Even if the designer found in the late part of the link will have a lot of questions, such as: design which include links, I should focus on what interaction with the designer? What kind of links do you include, and what should I focus on with the proofingist?

In fact, a set of toy design is generally divided into a few steps:

1, design:

You need to find a design company or designer, first toy plane effect design.

Design links: first according to your request or direction, by the designer to design several different styles or shapes of the first draft for your choice, and then wait for you to determine the first draft, and then in-depth design, complete design, including: toy overall shape Three-view,Customized Plush Toys color color (usually PANTONE color), printed cloth print, with a detailed logo, a brief description of the function, as well as product volume design draft.

2, proofing:

The design is completed, the next is proofing, where you can directly find manufacturers to help you mass production on the line, usually a little big point of the factory they will have a model division, the general model division received samples are different Level arrangement, if you ask for a high,Customized Plush Toys then the level of a little high point of the designer to help you alone proofing, so the designer fees are relatively higher.

3, mass production:

To find a strength of the factory, all links can be guaranteed, and then in the absence of production quality problems can be delivered on time on request.

 Plush toys, fabric and filler only accounted for one-third of the cost of toys,Customized Plush Toys a toy to go through a dozen or even dozens of processes and steps to complete, there are many steps that the machine can not achieve, so the other three The second cost is hand money.

 So, is not the smaller toy the more money, on the contrary, the smaller the toy, the need to manually complete the place more, the higher the cost will be.

So what is the general specifications of the mascot is the most cost-effective it?

20-30cm mascot is the most common.

Not too small, most of the components can be achieved machine production. In addition the mascot of the pricing and MOQ also have a great relationship. Customized Plush Toys received auspicious custom list, are directly made fabric, this advantage is the highest density can choose the fabric. Fabric custom also has a batch, do too little, the material will be left, the cost will naturally be high. 20cm or so on the 1000 only on the most cost-effective Oh.

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