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Baby Toys Series Safety, Durability
Jun 02, 2017

Children play the various stages of the toy

Hobbies: children like to study the life of contact with the items, so life can give children to play to the children to play, this is the best children's toys, children's toys is the exercise of the skills of the last want to own proficient Use them. As long as the children can play the play will be clean to the children to play, such as broken phone, can not use the computer keyboard, the old card camera, flashlight and so on. In addition to the children are very interested in nature, take him outdoors, outdoor branches, sediment, stone, snails, ants and so on are his favorite natural "toys", the more cognition of nature children Survival ability should be stronger. Really want to buy toys to consider the child's preferences, such as boys like cars, girls like dolls,Baby Toys Series buy toys do not like children do not play no meaning.

Security: the mouth of the sensitive period of the child do not give a small pool can be swallowed in the throat toys, and some things may exist in the security risks do not give children to play. For example, children before the age of three is sure to play the kind of sharp steel side of the scissors, can only be made of plastic scissors, because their coordination is not enough easy to hurt themselves. In addition plush toys on the mouth of the sensitive period of the child is relatively easy to accumulate bacteria, not recommended to play. And some toys are metal-containing easy to rust, mothers have to regularly view.

Stage: different stages of the child's toys are different (some toys include the stage that is the best friends, save money ah), such as Lego high building blocks, before the age of four is the "big man" of the building blocks, the child will not Swallowed, after four years of age in order to meet the child's fine action and other reasons to become "small head" of the.

Health: toys are best to be able to clean, especially for the mouth of the sensitive period of the child, wash the toy to be more diligent. Wood building blocks are easy to clean but easy to dry or easy to mold, Lego blocks (suitable for small baby to play the bulk of the front page) there are many grooves are not easy to clean but not moldy, how to choose the mother, these two can be from the child Born has been playing to a great, anyway, our family are almost 5 years old or very like.

Economy: cost-effective to high, not only cheap to buy toys, because the child will be put into the mouth will often play, so the quality can not be too bad, but do not have to buy expensive,Baby Toys Series consumption can not afford ah, it is best to buy quality Good price can play for a long time. Had to save money to give Chen Chen are online to buy a cheap foot slippery can sit on top of the bulldozer, and then two years or so that the steering wheel of the car was demolished, the front wheel also fell out The. So still can not be too cheap ah, if the kind of toy is expected to play more long must buy better quality, or buy two toys may also have more money to buy once.

Durability: In addition to its own quality outside the form of toys to a large extent determine its durability, once again mentioned can be disassembled toys, because these toys are really play, not easy to bad, the child can play time Also long The effect of sound effects of toys should be the most vulnerable to the most, especially domestic, I basically do not buy sound effects of the toys (there are also others to send) because that there is a strong effect of sound effects but let the children lost A lot of exploration of the ability (attention to the sound of light up to light up), and really bad soon, especially for the demolition of the needs of a large child basically one day he was demolished (the child is not a little bigger demolition of toys, Remote control of the toy or you can try),Baby Toys Series inside the line a little damage to the toy on the bad, and these toys are very expensive and not worthwhile.

Creativity: Do not prescribe what the child must have to play, be sure to complete what state, let him play freely, the state of the instructions is just adults come out, the children can come up with more and better play, and even nothing Contact a few toys to play together very well, the child's creativity and imagination is really infinite. It is because of the creation of imagination we can get on the plane today,Baby Toys Series can be used to access the Internet and can see the phone screen, so keep the children unlimited imagination and creativity it

Challenging: the children in terms of toys to be able to continue to have new challenges, there are a variety of games are played, there are difficulties, so that children can play long, when the mother we can save money, if the skills of the toy he has fully grasp him It will not play again to change the stage more challenging toys. Once again mentioned only sound effects and lighting effects of toys, such toys we have children to buy time to play one or two hours after the basic forget it exists, there is no challenge ah. Some children are going to play with small partners, such as children's bicycles, all kinds of balls, these toys can create a lot of new games,Baby Toys Series there is unlimited room for development, are can play for a long time toy.

Adaptability: toys to be able to adapt to a variety of different environment as well, the child can not only play in a kind of environment of this toy, in the sand, water, children's saliva, the child accidentally stepped on, accidentally fell, Hand hard and so on, and so on under the harsh conditions of toys can survive well, this is a good toy pull.

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