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Baby Toys Series Let The Baby Grow Up Healthy And Happy
Jul 17, 2017

Baby play can not do without toys, toys can stimulate the development of the baby's intelligence. Play what toys,Baby Toys Series how to play, will have an impact on the baby's potential learning ability. Toys can not only stimulate the development of children's brains, but also can promote the growth of synapses in the brain cells.

1, took the animal toys

The baby will move the "animal" will make them fascinated, they will slowly understand the original rope there is such a force,Baby Toys Series which is more than those with electric battery toy car is also more enlightening effect.

2, children's car

To the end of two years, the baby has been able to basically control their own parts of the body, you can drive "car", and can be fast, slow, you can ride "Malaysia". If the "car" can also carry some of their own small toys, but they can act as a transport driver, not only the baby has a high spirits, but also open the intelligence.

3, picture book

Two-year-old baby has been through the eyes, mouth, hand know a lot of items, if you can find in the picture book to know their own items, the baby is a great pleasure. In addition, parents can also teach books through the book to understand more things. This type of painting is of course simple lines, bright colors, one can recognize what is coming.

4, stacked cups

For a two-year-old baby, the stack of toys is the most infinite game, can be stacked into a tower, but also shrink into a single cup, but also small building blocks or other small things hidden in the cup Looking for something. Through this type of game baby can know that some things although the eyes can not see, but it is actually there.

5, dolls

Two-year-old baby has begun to have personality performance, then they have been able to express their favorite and disgust. If you have dolls, especially girls, they can treat their dolls like their mothers, wash your face, dress, feed, praise or blame dolls for dolls.

6, playing sand

All the babies are playing with sand, playing the water, and 18 months after the baby has been able to know what can not casually stuffed into the mouth, then you can let them play the sand. Provide a variety of small tools, such as small shovels, small rakes, kegs, etc.,Baby Toys Series so that the baby to play the creative ability to sand pile into various shapes.

7, complex shape box

This is used to train the baby to observe the shape of the items of toys, through this toy, the baby can understand a shape of the opening only allows the same shape of the items through. Through the toys to let the baby understand the daily necessities of a variety of shapes, and such toys on the 18-month size of the infants and young children more appropriate.

8, the ball

6-month-old baby is interested in everything, the color ball on their most attractive, hand a push the ball will roll forward, the baby will crawl chase the ball, if the mother can accompany them together Play it better.

9, ring ring

3-month-old babies can play the "ring" in one hand and they begin to try the effects of touch, sensation, vision or taste. Touch, feel how the hands feel, with the eyes look at the various colors of toys, taste the taste of toys with the mouth.

In addition, the building blocks are also suitable for the baby to play, in the face of building blocks, the baby will start to use two hands,Baby Toys Series so that two blocks will be issued a sound, one stacked on the other will be higher than a single piece of building blocks, but also with building blocks Into a variety of different shapes. This can also inspire the baby intelligence, for the future to lay a good foundation for development.

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