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Baby Toys Series Have The Ability To Learn Knowledge And Explore
Oct 27, 2017

Regardless of China or foreign, I am afraid that no children do not like toys. For them, the beloved toy is like the adult world of cars, houses,Baby Toys Series jewelry is generally precious, and even become a companion to childhood childhood companion. And to choose what kind of toys to the children, it has become a big problem parents.

What kind of toy is a good toy? Child psychologists have studied the psychology of minors and found that when the toy was too active, the children tend to be inactive;Baby Toys Series the development of toys into the higher level of technology, leaving the children's imagination, creativity The less. From this point of view, some toys are not suitable for children to play, such as electric toys, high-tech toys, fool-style operation will limit the way children think, damage their cognitive ability.

And the most simple, the lowest level of technology toys, such as soil, ice, sand, cardboard boxes, building blocks, rubber mud, etc., to the maximum to the children with free play. Therefore, the American Academy of Pediatrics for different age groups of children designed a scientific list of toys for parents to reference. At the same time, the children's personality is also as different as the toy and different, so the baby's toys but also to get the child's favorite.

0-6 months baby

Toys used to see, listen, touch, the most important thing is to put into the mouth bite! Therefore, the choice of toys when the reference standard is as follows: enough to hang toys, can easily hold or shake the rattle, soft squeeze the ball, the wall of the big mirror.

7-12 months baby

Toys should have to attract the attention of the baby, can help the perception of hearing and touch. Color clothes, plastic toys, paper books, building blocks, soft animal toys, dolls, small balls, bathtub floating toys, such as small yellow duck, sets of cups.

1-2 year old baby

At this time the baby activities more powerful, toys to be able to meet the baby curious nature: color clothes, plastic toys, paper books, plush toys, drums, xylophone and other rhythmic sense of small instruments, building blocks, Toys, pop - up toys, paired toys.

3-5 year old baby

Big baby toys should be more creative, can be imitated. Story books, board toys, building blocks, crayons, car toys (tricycles, cars, carriages, etc.), puzzles.

6-9 year old child

Toys during the school need to help children develop creativity: hand, chess, hand dolls, desktop games, electric trains, paper dolls, bicycles, balls, rope skipping, roller skates.

10-14 year old children's toys

At this time the child to pursue their own personal hobby, toys have become a leisure, with learning knowledge and explore the functions: hand, binoculars, cameras, desktop games, sporting goods.

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