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Baby Toys Series By The Majority Of Parents Sought After
Sep 27, 2017

Toys are the best companions for infants and young children, while the baby boredom at the same time, but also conducive to the child's intellectual development, therefore, has been children's toys by the majority of parents sought after. Today, the children's toys on the market diverse styles, many brands,Baby Toys Series to the choice of parents brought confusion. However, not all children's toys are suitable for the baby to play, if the choice is not appropriate, it may bring harm to the baby. So what toys are not suitable for the baby to play it?

Belt toys are a variety of rope-tied toys, including a variety of strap jewelry, yo-yo and so on. This kind of toy, in the baby holding the rope to pull or shake the rope to play, the rope is easy to wrap around the child's fingers or neck, a long time the light is caused by fingertip ischemic necrosis,Baby Toys Series while the baby can choke. So the choice of rope toys, the length of the rope can not exceed the baby's neck circumference; older children is best not to play this kind of belt toys.

In recent years, there have been many media reports of children were ejected toys damage events. The catapult refers to the toy itself can be ejected by external force, parabolic or directly hit the target, such as bullets toy guns, water guns, slingshot,Baby Toys Series bows and arrows, all kinds of dart toys. The general ejection toy lethality are relatively large, so let the children as far as possible away from all kinds of dangerous catapult toys.

Small lama, squeeze toys, etc. can be issued by the sound of toys is also the most adults to buy the baby toys. But the mother must pay attention to the volume of toys, those who are more than 85 dB volume of music toys will damage the baby's hearing. Toy music is too noisy will affect the baby's mood, so that children irritability.

Toy balloons in many parks, playground doors are sold, usually for rubber or plastic products, filled with air or hydrogen, colorful, and a variety of cartoon image. But the hydrogen balloon although the appearance of cute, but it is dangerous goods. Hydrogen is a flammable and explosive gas,Baby Toys Series a small amount of energy will lead to an explosion, the fire will lead to intense combustion, balloon debris into the baby's respiratory tract is difficult to remove, will cause the baby suffocated, is extremely dangerous goods, so this Gift must be completely eliminated.

Most of the mask toys for plastic products, but also useful pulp or wood pulp to suppress the pattern for the cartoon human form or animal shape, the children are very fond of wearing these mask toys to play. But some unqualified mask toys are made of toxic plastic, containing toxic chemicals,Baby Toys Series by the child inhaled the body may cause harm; In addition, some mask toys themselves airtight, in the mouth and nose did not leave the place to breathe, If the child wears for a long time will cause brain hypoxia, so that children appear dizzy, vertigo phenomenon, serious also cause suffocation. Therefore, parents in the purchase of such toys to be more careful.

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