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What kind of plush toys are not suitable for too large size
Mar 27, 2017

We usually can carefully observe the smaller size of the plush toys, the general form of performance are relatively thin, maybe just a smile, maybe on a sitting position. And some expressive little more plush toys, if the performance requirements are more delicate, it must have a certain size requirements, or will be affected by the impact of plush toy production process, can not reach the plush toys should have Performance effect.

To be customized is a body more fat, round belly plush toys, that size should not be too big. Because plush toys are filled with toys, the surface material is elastic, and the inside is generally filled with pp cotton, plastic particles, etc., filling the amount of small and small, will greatly affect the plush toy body status of the composition The For example, if the plush toy is asked to do posture 50 cm high, and its head is relatively large and rounded, inside the filler naturally more, filled with more weight, the center of gravity will inevitably move down. This will lead to the original rounded head shape, it is likely to become loose collapse of the oval, there is no firmness of the degree, the shape is easy to affect the loss of beauty by external forces!

But not to say that all looks fat fat plush toys are not suitable for large size, which requires a specific plush toy overall shape. If the body structure is relatively strong, or its shape itself requires loose, looks more lazy, which is also suitable for large-size plush toys.

Therefore, in the design plush toy plan, it should also be on the large-scale production of the degree of difficulty have a certain understanding of what kind of plush toys for the size of the range to have a general awareness.

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