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Plush toys cleaning and disinfection methods
Mar 27, 2017

Plush toys cleaning and disinfection methods: Here to give you a very common thing, that is, in the supermarket is easy to buy the coarse salt. Do not say that we may not know, in fact, coarse salt has the role of dirt and disinfection, cleaning and disinfection of plush toys can take advantage of these characteristics of coarse salt. First we need to prepare a pack of coarse salt and a plastic bag, the amount of coarse salt and the size of the plastic bag by the need to clean the plush toy size. Things are ready, the most important step on the cleaning, how to clean it? First plush toys into the plastic bag, and then poured into the plastic bag into the coarse salt, the amount of no matter how much, and then tied a good pocket, and then hard to shake, different angles to shake, shake the longer the better, the role is So that the coarse salt to fully absorb the surface of the plush toy dirt, adsorption of dirt is thick brown sand, we can from the coarse salt color to decide whether to stop cleaning. Plush toys after coarse salt cleaning, no need to dry and clean as new.

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