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Plush toys clean disinfection tips
Mar 27, 2017

Plush toys clean disinfection tips. After research, children under the age of 6 nearly half of the time, that is, about 15,000 hours and plush toys are spent together.

Has been engaged in plush toys clean disinfection of a 5-year-old children's plush toys for bacterial testing experiments, the experimental period of 10 days. 10 days later, the researchers for plush toys above the bacteria for testing, plush toys made as much as 9292RLU, showing that toys are extremely easy to be contaminated by various bacteria. Subsequently, the researchers used the same method to detect the bus handle, the test results show 8999RLU. Visible, plush toys on the bacteria than the bus handle even more, plush toys clean and disinfection work must be done.

Here to give a tip: with a professional disinfectant washed plush toys. Some children even like the mouth with plush toys, or in the play sucking fingers, so easy to put the virus into the body, causing the disease. Therefore, parents must use a professional disinfectant can kill, at the same time to educate children not to plush toys casually lit, do not put plush toys in the mouth, finished must wash their hands.

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