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Plush toys become summer children and parents of hot pet
Mar 27, 2017

Plush toys into the parents of salvation, in the final analysis, or strange children love plush toys. Many parents pay when shopping are less often before thinking, to the children to prepare the gift is also valuable. "The latest notebook, the child has said for a long time, taking advantage of children's day to buy him." In a home appliance store, a consumer said. Many parents also said that "usually busy with work, not attend the child, 'six one' can not let the children down" the same view. As the usual work pressure, long working hours, many parents have little time to spend more time with their children, to the Children's Day, many parents are holding the psychological compensation with the children with the holidays. But this kind of psychological easily lead to abnormal consumption and excessive consumption.

A toy shop clerk said that these two days the goods are very easy to sell, but also to sell a good price, they specifically into a little more goods in advance, "this time the parents most willing to give their children to spend money." Some parents in the festival to the children to buy gifts of the budget at every turn thousands of million. Zhang, a foreign-funded financial institutions, told reporters that she is particularly busy every day, often a week with the child see no face, not to mention the weekend with children out to play, many times she can only use gifts to make up for their children Of the owe. "I know, I give the child the best gift is the time, can accompany him to play more than anything else, but no way to give the child a gift is also a move to the child festivals, too adults." Not at all. A few days will be "61" International Children's Day, children's counter became a mall in the sales of land, buy clothes, buy toys, buy stationery, many parents pay when shopping is less common before thinking The "The usual work is busy, not attend the child, '61' can not let the children down." This idea has become a lot of parents consensus, and all gifts, plush toys become children and parents this summer, hot pet.

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