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How to restore the shape of plush toys after cleaning
Mar 27, 2017

Plush toys are made of textile materials, and most of the filler for the pp cotton, are absorbent material. With dry cleaning is to let the fabric, the shape of the toy from the shape, but the fabric of bacteria in the fiber can not afford to wash! Do not use water to clean, I am afraid it is difficult to clean up the accumulation of dust in the fabric fibers and bacteria. Wash with water is the cleanest cleaning method!

In the process of cleaning plush toys, you can wash as usual washing clothes, pour the right amount of laundry liquid, add a little softener, if the plush toys into the laundry bag to protect it, that better. When the plush toys clean, many people like the backlog of plush toys, so that the water inside the outflow, but this will make plush toys inside the pp cotton after the accumulation of a piece, until the plush toys to dry Even more can not restore the form of the. Therefore, when the plush toys clean, take it directly to dry on it.

Plush toys form is not good, because the inside of the filler is unevenly distributed! Because we need to do is to plush toys within the water after the pp cotton to relax on it. Here, we can prepare a fine embroidery needle or toothpick, hand grip embroidered needle one, the other end into the plush toy, and then continue to pick up to achieve the effect of filling the filler The The above steps to repeat many times, to be plush toys feel soft to restore, the form is relatively in place to stop the operation of the cotton.

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