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Baby plush toys
Mar 27, 2017

Baby plush toys specifically for the baby soon after birth and custom, its simple shape at the same time, the color will not be very bright. Many of the design on the market more elegant plush toys, usually baby plush toys. The baby first arrived in the world, its body in all aspects of functional development stage. Baby's vision, hearing, smell, taste, temporarily unable to reach the level of normal people, leading to the color of their eyes, photographic capacity is limited. In front of the baby thing, are generally seen to be secretly, gray, the world seems to have lost color. However, the color can not enter the baby's world, but the world's multi-gestures can be well aware of the baby, and this is the baby at this stage with one of the ways of contact with the outside world. Baby plush toys simple structure, the harsh materials, need to use absolutely safe, environmentally friendly fabrics to produce, the baby's health impact to a minimum, for the baby to touch the world to open the first window.

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